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The suicide note left by Fidel Castro’s eldest son has rocked the Cuban nation this week, with the most astonishing revelation being the claim that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was his half-brother and the son of the late Fidel Castro.

The handwritten note left by Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, 68, the eldest of Fidel Castro’s children, appears to confirm the longstanding rumor in Cuba that Fidel Castro fathered Justin Trudeau after a public tryst with Margaret Trudeau in 1970.

“ Castro Diaz-Balart, who had been attended by a group of doctors for several months due to a state of profound depression, committed suicide this morning ,” 
Cubadebate website reported.

The death of the high-profile government nuclear scientist, also known as “Fidelito”, or Little Fidel, because of how much he looked like his father, stunned the nation, however it is his “ explosive ” suicide note that has set tongues wagging in Havana.

Amid a wide-ranging barrage of complaints, the note suggests Fidelito was angry with his late father, the revolutionary Cuban dictator. Fidelito wrote that his father, Fidel Castro, was “ always comparing me unfavorably with Justin” and “ dismissing my achievements in comparison to his success in Canada. “

“ But what was I to do? I am Cuban. My brother is Canadian. If he was born and raised in Cuba, he would have lived in our father’s shadow forever just like me.”

While Justin Trudeau is famously known as the son of Canada’s liberal former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, comparison images of Pierre, Justin and Fidel suggest there may be something to the Cuban claims.

Pierre Trudeau (left), Justin Trudeau (centre), and Fidel Castro (right). 

Strong physical resemblance aside, the Cuban rumors are also backed up by historical fact.

While Justin Trudeau’s birthplace of Ottawa, Canada may be a long way from Havana, his mother Margaret Trudeau visited Cuba nine months before Justin was born, and there are photographs of her socializing with Fidel Castro.

Margaret Trudeau and Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba, nine months before Justin was born.

According to Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail , Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret travelled to Havana and became close friends with the Cuban president.
“ Pierre Trudeau’s and Fidel Castro’s paths crossed for the first time in 1970 ,” the Globe reports , before explaining the Trudeaus had such a great time on the Caribbean island that “ an enduring friendship between the arch-liberal Pierre Trudeau and the Marxist-revolutionary Fidel Castro ” was forged.

Margaret Trudeau also returned to Cuba shortly after Justin was born.

Before shocking Canada by marrying the sitting Prime Minister of Canada, Margaret was famous in the 1970s for risqué behavior.

Known as a poster girl for the “flower child” movement in the early 1970s, she embraced the sexual revolution and scorned traditional marriage vows as archaic, destroying an artwork that hung on Pierre’s wall because it celebrated “ reason over passion.”

A self-confessed drug addict, Margaret smuggled drugs in her husband’s luggage while traveling, and made scantily-clad appearances at Studio 54. Her nude photographs are still widely published on the internet.

Margaret Trudeau has form when it comes to sex scandals with powerful and high-profile men.

Describing a 1974 affair with Ted Kennedy, Margaret Trudeau wrote in her memoir about the moment she met the US Senator at a state dinner in New York:
“ That evening, I felt such a pull toward him that we couldn’t even stand within a couple metres of one another. Pierre was not amused.”

Was Pierre having flashbacks to what happened in Havana four years before?
Margaret then moved onto the Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood and then Mick Jagger, eloping to New York with the Stones frontman in 1977.

Margaret Trudeau with the Rolling Stones, and the shocked British tabloids’ reaction to the scandal.

The scandal signaled the end of her tumultuous marriage to Pierre Trudeau. The liberal politician fought her in the courts, won sole custody of the children, and refused to pay any spousal support.

Justin Trudeau’s parentage has not been seriously questioned in Canada, however the startling new information that has come to light in Cuba may change that.



  1. Who cares Justin Trudeau, do right by your Tangatawhenua

  2. So what?
    Are Canadians going to demand a DNA test when his father didn't see the need for one?
    Does that make him less of a Canadian and less of a Prime Minister ?
    Why do people refuse to let sleeping dogs slumber on instead of kicking them awake?

    1. You actually call this village idiot a prime minister. I suggest you get your head out of it.

  3. I am sad for Canadians with this idiot they have for PM. Hopefully he will be gone in the next election. But the harm he has done to the country will linger, like a cancer that just won't go away.

  4. Well, his mother was a 'free spirit' and he's a commie to the core. So it wouldn't surprise me one bit. Hopefully he will be gone in a few short months.

    1. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it. I'm not saying that Justin has made terrible decisions as a PM ... but have a look at the things Ford is doing.. if n when he gets some whole follows him blindly as PM we'll have our own Trump right here in Canada

    2. It would be nice to have a real man as our prime minister, not a f##king village idiot communist that we have now.

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